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Al Wood Carlyle Illinois 4/16/19


12 inch crappie caught at Carlyle Lake by Pete.

I have not lost one fish yet….. 

“Got out to Prospertown Lake Saturday and a new one, Carnegie Lake up in Princeton Sunday. Caught 6 each day Keitech was the ticket Saturday and Sunday Ned Rid and Shakey Heads did it. Biggest was 17.25”. The Ned Rid and the Shakey heads both were from B&P Jighead. I have not lost one fish yet on these. – Andy Boulou”


B&P Jighead offers weedless, Texas-style Ned Rig fishing

Earlier this month, Josh Rouse of the Topeka-Capital Journal took advantage of a chance to go fishing with B&P Jighead’s Tru Set Ned Rig Jig. As a fan of the Ned Rig and Midwest Finesse fishing in general, Josh describes the benefits and observations from his experience in a recent article. The Tru Set Ned Rig works great with a variety of baits and lures. The sickle hook also embeds perfectly to avoid the hang-ups and hassle of weeds and other structures….

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Fishing lure company B&P Jighead to offer pink products in support of breast cancer research

Starting Saturday morning, Midwest Finesse anglers will be able to pick up some pink lures for a good cause.

B&P Jighead in Carlyle, Ill., is offering its Tru Set Weedless Ned Rig jigheads in pink through its website, https://www.bpjighead.com,to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research through the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

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Josh Rouse: Wacky weather calls for Wacky-rigged B&P Jighead Senko worm

For those who have tried fishing Kansas waters in the past month, you may have noticed that the unusual weather patterns have been making the fish act a little wacky.

So when the fishing got tough for me during a recent fishing trip, I decided it was time I got a little wacky, too.

Frequent readers may remember a column I wrote about a company based out of Carlyle, Ill., called B&P Jighead. The company, which is actually more of a mom-and-pop shop that sells online, produces a great series of jigheads called the Tru Set jigheads, which let you fish popular setups like the Ned Rigshakyhead and crappie jigs with a weedless, Texas-style setup thanks to its large, sickle hook……..

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Our 4/O hook does not disappoint !

4/O Ned Head strikes again!!!

Caught in Louisiana using our 4/O Ned Head!

Check out this monster caught on Kaskaskia River using our Stinky Cheese Bait!

The largemouth bass was caught up at Litchfield lake using our products!

Check out this 12 1/2 lb hybrid striped bass!


“We love the Ned Rig Hooks!” Chance Lewis. It is nice to receive messages like this! These beautiful fish were caught by Chance and Morgan Lewis using our Weedless Ned Rigs on the Tennessee River and Lake Pickwick.

The catfish really like our Stinky Cheese Bait!!! This was caught last night at Carlyle Lake.

Another happy customer!! He caught these beauties on Carlyle Lake using our Jigs!

Andy B. made this catch in PA recently! He was using Tru Set Ned Rig Jig.


This was caught on Big River in Missouri

Congrats to Joe Bartolome for placing in these tournaments! He states our Tru-Set Ned Rig landed these winning catches!

Josh Rouse shows his trophy caught in Topeka KS using our Crappie Jig!

This northern pike was caught by Brandon Burleyson at Lake of the Woods in Canada using our hook.

This was caught using our shaky head jig.

Love seeing pics of kids and their trophies! Our Stinky Cheese Bait helped land this picture worthy catfish!

The beauty was caught this Memorial Day weekend on Carlyle Lake using our Crappie Jig.

Look at these! All of these crappie were caught at Lake Ross Burnett using the Weedless Tru Set Cappie Hook! Amazing!

3lb 2oz crappie caught by Chuck Jones on Lake Burnett in Mississippi using our Tru Set Weedless Crappie Jig with the Bobby Garland Stinger!




Zeth F. has been pulling in some incredible Bass lately! He often shares his catches with us and just loves using our jigs!! Weedless jigs are excellent for kids who want to make the most out of their fishing experience…

Check out this beauty caught by Josh Rouse in Topeka KS! Josh was using our Shaky head jig when he reeled this one in!!

Rod S. of Tennessee recently snagged this great 6lb 5oz on our Tru Set Jig and shared his catch with us!


These two youngsters had a great day of fishing – especially when they snagged a 20lb Channel Cat using our powerful Stinky Cheese Bait! Handmade by B & P Jighead

Chuck Jones showing off his amazing catches using our Tru Set 1/16 Crappie Weedless hook!!

It’s always a good day fishing when you can pull this size fish in using our 1/16oz Crappie jig!!!

Fished tonight after work – caught 18 crappies on that bait…before it finally got ripped off! That is my favorite color in brackish water…Dylan M.


The 1/16oz round head jig with a #1 Tru Set sickle hook is a crappie killer! It’s weedless with a solid, efficient hook set…Bob W.

A customer in Southern California sent us this pic – he has caught 10 of these on the Tru Set Ned Rig Jig Series…

The best shakyhead I’ve ever fished. A 1/8 oz ball head jig on a Tru Set 3/0 Matzuo sickle hook…You can drag it, hop it or swim it… Bob W.

Kevin caught the big one at the FLA Classic Fishing Tournament using our Shakyhead Jig on a Senko with Indiana Sparklers. Great Job!


All in a good days work!!! Chuck Jones definatley caught his dinner today using our Tru Set 1/16 Crappie jig!!!!

Here is proof that our 1/16oz Crappie jig can bring in some picture worthy fish!!!! Chuck Jones and his grandson caught this 2lb 8oz crappie on lake Ross Burnett and stopped long enough to pose for this wonderful photo.


Eddie Truhitt had a great day on the lake using our 1/16oz Tru Set Weedless Crappie Jig!